The humble “bungalow” has its roots in the historical “Provincial Bengal”. The term bangalo, meaning “Bengali” is used to describe a house in the Bengal style. Traditionally, small, one storey and detached with a typical veranda, the houses were used by British colonial administrators during summer retreats in Himalayas and other cities in and around. Still popular in rural Bengal, the houses were called “Bangla Ghar” or Bengali style house in rural Bangladesh. The construction material was wood, bamboo and straw known as “Khar”. Khar was used in the roofs, keeping the house cold during hot summers. Additionally, red clay was also used for the roofs. This was replaced by corrugated steel sheets in modern times. Cheap to build, the bungalows were climatically suitable. In modern time the term ‘bungalow’ is mostly converted to the word ‘duplex’. Though the design and style of both the ‘bungalow’ and ‘duplex’ are same, only the term has been changed.

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