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  1. DERA is proud to achieve “Architect’s WOW Award 2022” from Global Business Reconnect at Lalit Great Eastern Hotel Kolkata, at “Architecture Reconnect Summit”.
    A proud moment for the team.



3D design involves creating digital models of objects or spaces with depth, width, and height. It works by utilizing specialized software to manipulate and visualize three-dimensional structures, aiding diverse industries in innovation and visualization.

The cost of interior design is determined by factors like project scope, designer expertise, materials, and location. Design fees, furniture, decor, and construction costs contribute to the overall budget.

The time an individual spends on interior design planning depends on the project's complexity and scale. It ranges from weeks for smaller projects to several months for more extensive designs.

Certainly, an individual has the capability to create a custom design. The process involves expressing personal preferences, tailoring elements, and infusing unique ideas to craft a distinct and personalized outcome.

Certainly, the feasibility of paying the total interior cost in easy installments depends on the terms and agreements with the service provider, offering a more manageable and convenient payment structure.

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I had an old layout of my apartment at New Town, Calcutta, in which Dera made some minor changes before they executed the job themself. I am quite satisfied with the professional approach they showed while handling the job on a turnkey basis.
Amitabha Laskar
Amitabha Laskar
Extreme aesthetic sense of beauty and simplicity.
Sankha Subhra Gangopadhyay
Sankha Subhra Gangopadhyay
Pranab Chakraborti
Pranab Chakraborti

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DERA; Established in 2010, The Architect’s WOW Award winner 2022, established a prominent presence in Design & Execution sector pan India.

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Souvik Seal

Souvil Seal
Hatibagan, Kolkata

Living Room:
Souvik likes blue, so we used the customised wall paper with a shade of beautiful blue submerged in white below. The S type false ceiling maintain the flow from one corner to the other of the dining/drawing and depicts the beautiful lighting arrangement with originality & elegance.
The furniture is a mix and match of India contemporary style. The L shaped sofa is heavy, smooth and soft. The dining table is with 2 chairs and a 2 seater bench, which leave more open space. One of the dining wall is covered with high gloss tiles with a fantastic effect. Wall colour we used is smooth and neutral. Flooring is white tiles made to reflect the total ambiance. Mr.Seal and his family loves the final outcome

Anita Agarwal

Marble shaded semi white tiles were a natural choice for Living area. It was 4ft x 4ft Tiles which reflected the whole theme well. We designed the T.V unit in geometrical patters with Brown & Beige glossy and matt laminate combination. The storage unit was open and close type and finished with white Duco paint and PU polished natural veneer in cubic patterns.
The Master Bedroom Bed and Bedside Tables were white and brown laminated and two mirrors fixed in back wall of both the bedside table. It served the purpose of dressing unit as well as a beautiful design item. The back wall of the Bed was also made a cubic pattern with matt duco paint finish. The wardrobe is also with same colour pattern with a patch of mirror added in between. The overall outcome was brilliant.
The elder Brother’s Room was a made with clever use of fabric. The bed is covered with brown fabric and the back wall too was designed in fabric stitching. The wardrobe was design keeping the A.C in middle as it was and that was incorporated well in design.
The overall project was very elegant and the finishing was perfect.

Mr. Desh Mitra

We chose a contemporary design to match his style. The living room sofa is 3+1+1 type, black leathered and externally comfortable. The TV unit is designed to incorporate his light staff and the 55″LED TV. We added a console beside 6seater dining table, and textured the adjacent wall with a tone of green. The back side of the sofa is also textured with a golden yellow which added eligency in the living area. False Ceiling is white with perfectly placed spots & white panel LED. The lighting carried the environment well.

The Master Bedroom is designed with wooden texture. The wooden floor is made with the right tone of wooden texture to match with the furniture. The Bed is a beautiful, steady design with hanging bedside tables on both sides. The Headboard is extended to the bedside tables to produce a grand, royal look. The study is also designed from floor to ceiling compact set to provide books and file storage. The 4 door Wardrobe is polished with melamine finish with a dark brown to have a contrast with the other furniture. The ceiling has some tray ceiling facing the wall side and diffused lighting is used in it. LED white panel light and warm white spots glamorise the entire environment.
The Two Other rooms are made for the grown up kids with soft wall colour, stedy single bed, study tables and wallpaper. The floors kept white tiles and the ceiling with lights made them feel good.
The overall production was made within 45 days and the client is so happy with the final outcome.


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