DERA introduces “Durga”, Kitchen, wardrobe & office section specially made for Indian Climet.
Pollution not only harming our respiratory system, but also reducing life of building and furniture too. The climate here is different and damp is the main cause of rapid decaying of furniture. Wet weather and sticky nano airbubbles containing dust and bacteria causing a great harm to the life of furniture and apparently the family health is compromised.

“Durga” introducing the solution of this problem. All the sections are machine finished and perfect in diamention, saving a great amount of inner space. We are using damp Proof boards, which is also saving a great amount of nature. We are zero tolerant to the quality and launching three types of Kitchen, Wardrobe & Office sections.
1. Acryclic Finish
2. High gloss Laminate Finish
3. Glass Finish

Here comes the Next-Gen Interior ideas which is easy clean, trendy, lasts long, save time and space, perfect finish and healthy.
What else!
You may get a modern design free of cost.

Change your living style.