Souvik Seal

A Residential project with elegance, style, and optimum use of space.
Living Room: Souvik likes blue, so we used the customized wallpaper with a shade of beautiful blue submerged in white below. The S-type false ceiling maintains the flow from one corner to the other of the dining/drawing and depicts the beautiful lighting arrangement with originality & elegance.The furniture is a mix and match of India contemporary style. The L shaped sofa is heavy, smooth, and soft. The dining table is with 2 chairs and a 2 seater bench, which leaves more open space. One of the dining walls is covered with high gloss tiles with a fantastic effect. The wall colour we used is smooth and neutral. The flooring is white tiles made to reflect the total ambiance. Mr.Seal and his family love the final outcome.

Higher Grounds Pvt. Ltd

An award-winning project with innovative and balanced design skills.  Based on minimalistic design and skilled craftsmanship, this project made an excellent impression to the critics. 1200×1200 white vitrified glazed tiles in the floor and white ceiling with a neutral coloured Arc tray set the tone of the project. White PVC laminated edge molded conference table, soft natural polish on wood textured furniture, and white lacquered glass on long tea tasting table added elegance. Glass partition & Glass sliding gave the character of an open office with added privacy. M.D’s table is a bought out furniture with dark mahogany polish on it giving a contrast look.
Soft Lighting with spots and white LED panels gave the feel of this project.The 3 lines of profile lights connecting the reception & common area added a new height and glow of the theme. It was an immense pleasure working with the team. The client loved the project and we got the appraisal. 

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