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Interior Design

A house is telling about how it becomes a home. Defining a space depends on how we look at it. Interior Design define a space where we live or utilise and enhance it in a work of art See More

BuilDing WithOut Bricks

Sustainable solutions are becoming more and more in demand in the building sector. Building multistory structures without using conventional building materials like cement and bricks is becoming See More

Building Renovation

Buildings have a finite lifespan, but regular maintenance can prolong it. Effective chemical treatment and thoughtful material usage play a crucial role in building restoration See More

Global Business Reconnect Award Winner

We extend sincere gratitude to Global Business Reconnect for choosing us as the recipient of this award during our conference. This moment stands out as a pivotal highlight in our professional journey. 

What we do?

Being certain means everything when solving complex engineering and design challenges. Your products and your reputation depend on it. 

Site Measurement.
Civil Layout
Furniture Layout.


* Chief Architect, NKDA (Newtown Kolkata Development Authority)
* Former Principle Secretary, PWD, Govt Of Tripura
* Architecture from Jadavpur University

Tapan Kumar Dwari

* Passed Architecture (B.Arch.) from JU on 1971
* Joined Sulekha Works Ltd. on 1971 at Ghaziabad unit as Administrative Manager
* Ghaziabad factory building planning.

Manas Maitra

* Experienced Interior Designer and Architect.
* Previously associated with Future Solutions Retail I Ltd and CB Richard Ellis for 6 years.
* Managing Director at Dera.

Suman Chakraborty


3D design involves creating digital models of objects or spaces with depth, width, and height. It works by utilizing specialized software to manipulate and visualize three-dimensional structures, aiding diverse industries in innovation and visualization.

The cost of interior design is determined by factors like project scope, designer expertise, materials, and location. Design fees, furniture, decor, and construction costs contribute to the overall budget.

The time an individual spends on interior design planning depends on the project's complexity and scale. It ranges from weeks for smaller projects to several months for more extensive designs.

Certainly, an individual has the capability to create a custom design. The process involves expressing personal preferences, tailoring elements, and infusing unique ideas to craft a distinct and personalized outcome.

Certainly, the feasibility of paying the total interior cost in easy installments depends on the terms and agreements with the service provider, offering a more manageable and convenient payment structure.

What People Say

I had an old layout of my apartment at New Town, Calcutta, in which Dera made some minor changes before they executed the job themself. I am quite satisfied with the professional approach they showed while handling the job on a turnkey basis.
Amitabha Laskar
Amitabha Laskar
Extreme aesthetic sense of beauty and simplicity.
Sankha Subhra Gangopadhyay
Sankha Subhra Gangopadhyay
Pranab Chakraborti
Pranab Chakraborti